frame placement

• Multiple placement methods: Paper Filigree Painting Frame can be placed on the desktop or hung on the wall.

NOTE: • Mechanical processing is affected by physical factors, and the process error of the plane size is unavoidable, generally within ±2 mm, please understand!

• The thickness of the background jammed paper is recommended to be within 1-6mm, and it is recommended to use a back card over 360g at the thinnest!

• We do not provide non-marking nails, and it is not recommended to use non-marking nails. It is best to use ordinary steel nails for the most reliable. Whether it is the factor of the photo frame and the weight of the work, the wall thickness, or the aging of the non-marking nails, all Will be the main factor that the attached object may fall!!

• Please remove the film before using the plexiglass.