About Uniquilling™ 

My name is Eric, I am an artist.

A few years ago I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, I tried many ways to relieve my symptoms, but I couldn't keep it up.

By chance, I came across paper filigree painting, which reminded me of the quilling my parents taught me when I was a child. In the process of designing and making, my mind, my eyes and my hands are all focused on one thing, and my mind is at peace like never before. It eased my bipolar disorder somewhat, reduced anxiety, improved concentration and gave me a new look to life. I hang them on the wall and sent them to my friends. It's a wonderful feeling to see them being born. No matter where you put it, when you see your artwork, you will be very happy.

When I shared it with my friends, they all praised and asked me to design more paintings. This made me very happy, and I had an idea to share it with more people. At the same time, I realize that my creation could also bring something to others.

So I started trying to contact the factory, looking for partners - I wanted to be able to mass produce paper filigree painting. At first I encountered a lot of difficulties, but gradually resolved, we use laser to cut the EVA board, in order to insert the paper strips more conveniently, The designer minimizes the difficulty of production, so that everyone will not lose confidence because it is too difficult to enjoy the fun of creation.

From a person, a studio, to now we have established our own brand - Uniquilling, we gradually have a group of like-minded friends, to create an unique paper filigree painting. All you need is a pair of scissors, a pair of tweezers, a bottle of glue, and some paper strips, then you can create your own paper artwork.

Uniquilling is not limited to this, we will give more forms and meanings to handicrafts.

Uniquilling always firmly believe that art comes from life. With us, use fingertips to convey love.

Uniquilling™ & PaperFiligreePaint™ is a global online Paper Filigree painting marketplace, where people come together to make, sell, buy, and collect unique Paper Filigree painting items. We’re also a community pushing for positive change for Paper Filigree painting. Let more people know it, like it, and enjoy it.

We provide and share our creative experience, basic materials, and help creators create more and better works. At the same time, Uniquilling provides a consignment service, so that more people can know and enjoy the beauty brought by Paper Filigree painting. It can also bring rewards to creators. Uniquilling™ & PaperFiligreePaint

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