Hi there, welcome to Uniquilling!

In order to let more people feel the charm of this art, we spent months to improve the method of quilling. That’s how we got the Paper Filigree Paintings.

And result? Just look at how many orders we have got!



With a good start, we want to go farther. Let more and more people fall in love with our paper filigree paintings, so we thought we might need some wholesalers. We can offer you the best price and products, as long as you really love this art, and want to turn this passion into profit!



1. We know what customers like and design by our own.

Over 30000+ orders let us clearly understood what kind of paintings customers may like, and keep finding the winning product.

2. We have our own factories and warehouses.

With several factories and warehouses, our production efficiency is greatly guaranteed. Maybe there will be a short delay while shipping, but trust me, you don’t have to worry about it. We will let you know every step until you get the packages.

3. We can offer you a 25% off discount of each product.

We will give you a decent price, depends on your order amounts, and 25% is not the maximum. Just make sure that you can profit!



1. To ensure your goods arrive on time, now we only accept wholesalers based in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and United Kingdom.

2. For the wholesalers in the USA/Canada/Australia/New Zealand/UK, one package contains 20 painting kits, so you NEED to order at least 20 painting kits.

Thank you for your interests in Uniquilling.

Contact our service email ➡️ service@uniquilling.com

Or Find us here ➡️ Paperfiligreepainting